Some people, like my father and a few of my friends, swear by running as their choice for exercise and will be seen on the streets of Binghamton in all sorts of weather (including this rain!). However, Bustle is saying that walking may be a better choice for some people when it comes to exercise than running.

  • Walking is easier on your joints so if you deal with stiff or sore hips, knees, or ankles then a stroll through the park could be a much better choice of exercise for you than sprinting around your neighborhood.
  • It can boost your immune system whereas high intensity running has shown signs of the opposite effect for some people. So while walking can help stave off sickness, running may very well make you sick!
  • Walking is easier to maintain and any exercise that you stick with is always better for you than one that you end up quitting.

Your mental and physical health can improve with any exercise that you choose to do, but if running just isn't for you, walking can be just as good for you.

(via Bustle)

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