Pet Of The Week: Dae
Jackie Nutt has teamed up with Broome County Humane Society to start a 'Pet Of The Week' video series! - This week it's Dae, a beautiful 3-year-old cat!
Greatest Dog Inventions!
There will always be inventions to make our lives easier.. & now there's 28 ingenious dog inventions to make BOTH your lives easier (& happier!!)
Jackie Nutt Becomes A Mom!
If any of you have pets, you understand the special bond that is formed and the true love you develop for your pet, almost like a child! You're probably thinking that you can't love your pet anymore than you do now, it's IMPOSSIBLE, and that's what I thought...
Bentley Gets Frozen Yogurt – Puppy Antics
It's been a while since I've written about my puppy Bentley. Actually he isn't a puppy anymore. He just turned three years old, however he still acts like a puppy and will always be a puppy to me!