It's been a while since I've written about my puppy Bentley. Actually he isn't a puppy anymore. He just turned three years old, however he still acts like a puppy and will always be a puppy to me!

Bentley has become such a part of our family. I never knew I could love animal as much as I love him. He gives me something to look forward to when I go home. And we take him everywhere we go. So the other day we went to do a little shopping and we took him.

He sits right in the cart and you would never notice him there because he just sits still and doesn't bark. Or I can also put them in my purse but he prefers to be able to look all around. But the other day he was just such a good boy when we were out shopping that we decided to stop to get some frozen yogurt and we could all have a little treat including Bentley.

We got him his very own dish (very small dish) of peanut butter yogurt! He was so happy and looks so cute eating it that we had to take a couple pictures.

I just hope he doesn't think he's going to go get frozen yogurt every time we go in the car now!

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