I am so excited to announce with all of you the start of my 'Pet of the Week' video series!!! I am a big supporter of adopting animals before breeding, because there are so many pups and kitties out there that are in shelters and need homes!

So I teamed up with Broome County Humane Society on Jackson Street to feature a pet each week in hopes of getting them adopted! I will alternate the weeks with cats and dogs up for adoption so that way everyone gets some animal love!!

Also, the way we determined which animal was going to be up for adoption (because that was very difficult, I just wanted to feature them all haha) was by which animals had been there the longest. The other incredible thing about BC Humane Society is they are a no kill shelter and will tend and care for animals until they are adopted!

So our first 'Pet Of The Week' is Dae!!!!

Jackie Nutt

Dae is a 3-year-old female cat, absolutely beautiful! She is spayed and litter box trained and one of the best things (I think) is that she gets along with other cats and small dogs. Sometimes it can be difficult to co-habitat a cat and dog, but luckily Dae has past experience!

This beauty has been here since March after being taken from a hoarding situation where there were many other animals. Below is a video of myself meeting Dae, her giving me kisses, love bites & me loving her very soft fur!!!

My parents gave my brother, my sister and I our second kitten on Christmas morning, he had a cute little red bow and was waiting in a box for us!! Cats can be a great starter pet for your young ones; they're not as much work as dogs, but they still teach them responsibility and friendship!! Adopting Dae could really make your holiday, and hers, that just more special!

If you are interested in adopting Dae, which you should because with those eyes and her soft fur, she is just a perfect kitty, you can find the application right here! It is $75 to adopt her with full shots, vaccinations and paperwork (or go on a Thursday and adopt her for only $30!).

Jackie Nutt

If you can't adopt a pet at the moment, but you still want to help in some way, they are looking for foster parents for the holidays! It's exactly what it sounds like; you take home one, or a few dogs (or cats) and take care of them over the holiday season. This gives the volunteers and workers at the humane society a break for the holidays and allows the animals to get some extra love!!

You can find all the information on becoming a foster parent right here! & if you do end up adopting Dae, or any of the animals I will be featuring on 'Pet of the Week', please follow up and let me know because I would really love to hear those stories & share it with our listeners!!