Arguably, it's harder to get over losing a best friend than it is getting over a boyfriend or girlfriend. Cosmopolitan has come up with great tips on how to move past a best friend break-up.

  • Don't try to force closure when you think that's what's best for you because you are still probably worked up and emotional, and you need to let something like closure come naturally.
  • Meet new people but don't make finding a new best friend the goal when you go out and try to talk to new people. That's unwanted stress that you don't need or need to place on someone else.
  • Make a game plan when you are dealing with mutual friends. Asking them to choose sides or making them listen to your side of the story and trying to force them to no longer like your friend just like you do, will not go over well. Be civil, or as civil as you can be.

Eventually, things will get better for you (and for them), and maybe you'll learn something great about yourself from this best friend break-up.

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