Everyone has habits that, no matter how hard that you try, you can't seem to kick. Bustle says that there are some habits that you might have that are surprisingly healthy for you. No need to kick the habit after all!

  • Picking your nose (and eating your boogers!) is something you probably stopped doing as a child, but it turns out that digging in the cave and eating what you find can actually protect you from getting sick! Studies are also showing that they can form a protective layer on your teeth to help prevent cavities as well.
  • Cursing has been known to lessen pain when you get hurt and even increase your tolerance to pain all together. The next time you cut your hand or get a tattoo, swear away and you're bound to feel better!
  • Eating your food with hot sauce because a compound in hot sauce has been known to reduce inflammation and improve your gut health. You might get looks from your friends who you're eating with, but spice it up for your health!

Some habits that seem unconventional can actually be very healthy for our bodies (and our minds). So eat something too hot for your mouth and curse at your food to make you feel better afterwards!

(via Bustle)

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