Is there anything more fun or freeing than dancing around your house to some good music in your pajamas? What if I told you that dancing around like that could be doing some good for your health?

According to U.C. Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, the chemicals released while dancing are actually really good for your brain. Dancing as opposed to other forms of exercise releases happiness hormones that can help you emotionally as well as physically.

Dopamine rewards you because you're having fun, feeling good and enjoying yourself while oxytocin works to make you feel closer to the person you're dancing with (or closer to yourself!). Serotonin helps you feel at ease and comfortable while also allowing you to feel more emotionally content, and then endorphins is that "runner's high" that you'll feel because believe it or not you're working out when you dance!

Dancing is healthy for you in so many ways, so start moving!

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