When going home for the holidays, you likely have to go through a few airports to get to where you're going. With crowds everywhere, there are probably germs everywhere as well. So when you're at the airport, here are the germiest places to be aware of (but you can't avoid them all).

  • Elevator buttons and hand rails as so many people have to use these objects and press these buttons. I can't imagine these places are able to get cleaned very often as they should be just because of the crowds going through the airport constantly.
  • Self-help ticket kiosks for many of the same reasons as the elevator buttons. Everyone touches them and they likely aren't cleaned as often as they should be. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer after using one of these kiosks, for sure.
  • Luggage trays and other communal areas are touched by thousands of people every day in big airports. Who knows who just blew their nose, coughed into their hand and itched a body part that they should wash their hands after, but didn't. I'm just saying, people can be gross, and who knows what you're actually touching in public spaces.

Getting to your destination safely and healthy is half the battle (the other half is getting back home just as safe and healthy). Happy holidays to all of you!

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