I have to admit that I am not a morning person. People always ask why I do a morning show if I am not a morning person. My answer is, "I don't know."

Whether you are a morning person or not, Health.com has come up with 3 questions to ask yourself every morning. The reason for doing it is to set yourself up for a more positive day.

Plus, it gives you a road map for the next several hours on how to make your day the most positive and productive it can be. Here are the questions:

What will make me feel healthy today?
"Nurturing our bodies helps our minds feel better," says Chopra. "Pick one little thing you can do today, like going for a lunchtime walk, that will be good for you."

What will make me feel connected today?
Our relationships with the people we care about bring a deep sense of joy, so think of one way you can connect, suggest Chopra maybe calling an old neighbor your haven't seen in a while or doing something special with your children.

What will give me a sense of purpose today?
Serve as a mentor by checking in with a younger colleague, or drop off clothes at Goodwill. "Doing one small thing of value is surprisingly uplifting," notes Chopra.

I am going to try and ask myself those questions every morning. I usually ask myself things like, "Did I do anything stupid last night?" Or, "Who drove me home?"

[via: Health]

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