We've all been there where we find someone that we are instantly attracted to, and then we go on that first date and get so let down when you realize that... they're just not a good person. Brit.Co may have come up with a way to determine if your crush is first date worthy without actually having to go on that first date.

Don't you ever wonder why some people are not always honest first thing when you ask them how they are feeling about something? That's because some people self-edit to give off a better impression, which means that they aren't exactly honest with you, and that makes asking someone about their feelings hard to rely on.

Gut reactions, what your body is telling you about a person, is usually much more reliable. If you're uncomfortable around someone, but you don't know why? That's your gut telling you something.

So if you're having a conversation and their responses are little... off... listen to how you're feeling, and don't bother wasting your good first date outfit on them no matter how cute they are.

(via Brit.Co)

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