You've talked to someone over a dating app for a few weeks, and you both finally decide to meet-up in person... but now it seems like your date is running late. Bustle, with the dating app The Inner Circle, have decided just how long you should wait for your date to arrive before you leave.

Those surveyed on the dating app The Inner Circle had a range of how long they would be willing to wait for their date to arrive (varying from only ten minutes to up to an hour), however the majority of single people said they would wait 19 minutes before leaving.

It's up to you what you decide if you plan to meet someone out for the first time, and they are not there on time. You can always order a drink and wait it out, or leave if you don't hear from them within a couple of minutes. It's tough to decide what to do because your date could be standing you up, or there could be traffic and they are desperately trying to get to the date as soon as they can.

(via Bustle)

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