The best dates, in my opinion, have always been ones that encouraged conversation. If we go someplace with loud music or to see a movie, how am I suppose to get to know the person that I'm with? Bustle says that there are some great date ideas that have the very real potential to (eventually) lead to marriage.

  • A sit-down dinner at a restaurant is a very popular first date choice that has been more successful than most at sparking a relationship and ultimately marriage. Having the time between drinks, appetizers, dinner and dessert to converse and get to know each other is so important that other date ideas miss out on.
  • A romantic walk can be perfect especially if you two are walking along the waterfront downtown in Binghamton. If you're hitting it off, you can stop in at one of the many bars open late, and if not, you can hail an Uber and get out of there. Hopefully though, you get that drink with your date and continue the conversation.
  • Drinks at a bar is always a great first date idea, just make sure that your date makes it home safe! My fiancé and I met at the Belmar Pub in Binghamton, so I can attest that drinks on a first date is a perfect way to get to know someone.

Wherever you go on your first date with someone, it's important that both of you are comfortable and relaxed. A little whole in the wall restaurant that you frequent often with friends might be a better option than trying a new place that may be out of your price range.

(via Bustle)

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