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Pasta dishes are one of my all-time favorite go-tos when I have a taste for something thats hearty and filling. Pasta is a comfort food that's pretty difficult to mess up and you can really get creative with them. For this chicken and shrimp pasta dish, I used Mafaldine pasta which is in the ribbon family. I also used Grated Parmigiano Reggiano. Did you know that this is a legally protected class of cheese that can only bear the name is if the entire process of making the cheese took place in a specific region of Italy? According to, it must also include only three natural ingredients that have been used for over 900 years and must be aged for at least 12 months before it can be sold in stores! This cheese lends to the unique and complex flavor of this dish but can be a little pricey however you can substitute with a simple grated parmesan as well.


Garlic Powder
Onion powder
Sea salt
Olive oil

For later:

Roasted Red Pepper
Onions Chopped

Season chicken, add olive oil, mix cover and let rest.


Seafood seasoning
Lawry's Seasoning
Minced Garlic
Olive oil

Season shrimp, add olive oil, mix and pan sear in butter.

Remove shrimp then Pan sear chicken, add butter, onions and roasted red pepper. Boil Mafaldine Pasta in water with added salt. Strain, rinse and set aside.


Heavy Cream
Spinach Chopped
Cherry tomatoes
Chicken Stock
Grated Parmigiano Reggiano
Italian Seasoning
Onion Powder
Garlic Powder
Minced Garlic
Sea salt
Black pepper

Remove chicken after searing leaving the rest of contents in pan. Add minced garlic and cook until fragrant. Add chicken stock, heavy cream and spices. Add grated Parmigiano Reggiano stirring constantly low/med heat. Add a little flour if you need to thicken. Add spinach and cherry tomatoes. Cook about 10 minutes more. Remove from heat, mix in Mafaldine pasta and shrimp.


Finishing Butter (I used shallot and thyme)
Small amount of heavy cream.

Fry pancetta, add butter and cream.

Plate pasta with shrimp, add chicken to the top. Add pancetta topping. Add additional sauce if desired! Top with shredded Parmesan and parsley and ENJOY!


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