Growing up with two older sisters, I never thought they would be anything more than a nuisance. But Bustle says that have a sibling affects your health in many more ways than I would even imagine.

  • They help you develop empathy because you can relate to one another more than any one else can relate to you two. You can both learn from each other even if you are older or younger from one another.
  • They make you happier later in life which is helpful to know after all the hair pulling and yelling at each other you did to each other as kids. Later in life, your mental well being is boosted by having siblings.
  • They may help you stay physically fit because family and friends are some of the biggest influencers and motivators when it comes to getting yourself into shape. Partnering with a sibling can help you succeed more than going at it alone.

You might have hated your siblings while you were growing up because of the hand-me-downs or just because you always compared yourself to them, but never felt as though you measured up. But being adults now, you'll truly start to appreciate your siblings more than you ever did before.

(via Bustle)

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