When you first start to date someone new, conversation flows pretty easily, unless there are things that you think your new partner should know, but you don't quite know how to tell them. Bustle, and licensed therapist Kimberly Hershenson, explain that there might be some less than easy things to tell someone early on in a relationship, you should definitely bite the bullet and tell them.

  • Any addictions that you have (or had) as many people who struggled in the past with an addiction will usually struggle for life. So if you're sober now, and being around alcohol can be a temptation for you, then let your new partner know so (hopefully) they can help steer you clear of those booze-fueled places and events.
  • How good or bad you are with money and whether or not you have any debt. It can be a shock to your new partner to learn that your college loans are more than you would like them to be, but being aware of finances from the beginning can help keep you from digging yourself a deeper hole while trying to impress your new significant other.
  • The things in life that make you happy such as perhaps your need of nine hours of sleep every day, or your morning cup of coffee. If there are things that you absolutely need in order to have a good day, or in order to feel refreshed and re-energized (maybe you require more alone time than most people), then your partner needs to know this to help make your relationship work.

Providing information about yourself other can feel nerve-wracking, but it's so important to open yourself up to your new partner in order to have a healthy and lasting relationship.

(via Bustle)

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