There's a new muppet on Sesame Street that is going to help kids and families dealing with addiction. The show continues to find ways to address common problems facing our kids. According to, Sesame Street has introduced a new muppet named Karli, a foster child, whose mom is away getting help for addiction. They handle the situation with Elmo and his dad talking about why Karli has to stay with her foster family so her mom can get healthy.

This is all done now online in the Sesame Street in Communities initiative video series. The latest free online videos are tackling the serious issues of parental addiction. They are hoping to bring light to the fact that this isn't just an adult issue. It affects the whole family especially the children. They also address the mental health aspect of the addiction. Children often feel as if it's their fault, they feel shame and embarrassment. Elmo and Karli also talk about how Karli feels better when she attends meetings with her mom and talks with other kids who are in the same situation.

Although Karli does not appear on television just yet, kids and adults can watch her store online.

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