Are you noticing that couples on Facebook are breaking up all over the place right now? It's supposed to be the happiest time of the year with Christmas around the corner, so what's going on?

  • Reflecting at the end of the year can lead you to one of two places when thinking about your partner. Either you see a future with them or you don't, and if you don't then you likely don't want to go into the new year with someone you no longer want to be with.
  • Spending the holidays together sounds worse than breaking up with your partner. You don't want to put on a happy face around your families just for the sake of convenience, so you decide to leave your partner before the holidays.
  • Making memories is important for you, but you don't want to have another set of holiday memories with a partner that you don't see yourself with much longer, so you break up with them deciding that a single holiday is better than one more holiday season with them.

Dating is tricky business, and this time of the year can be absolutely magical or incredibly sad. Looking back at 2019, you want to evaluate how you evolved to be a better person and start to make plans to move even more forward in 2020.

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