Switzerland, Iceland and Norway are all near the top of the list for happiest countries in the world. Bustle figured out what those countries do differently in order to see how we can all learn to be happier.

  • They take vacations because it is expected for employees of companies overseas to take their days off. In the United States, a lot of us don't utilize our time off because it just means more work and stress when we return.
  • They walk or bike to work which sounds surreal here because some of us have commutes of up to an hour every day. Imagine living close enough to your job that you could walk there in the morning! Exercise would be second nature, and the benefits from so much exercise would be commonplace.
  • They have work-life balance and take time every week to work on the hobbies that they love to do. If I tried to do anything after work that required any extra effort on my part, I would probably want to sleep for days.

There are more than a dozen countries currently happier than the United States, so perhaps we should take a page from their books and try to make ourselves happier.

(via Bustle)

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