First and foremost, it's completely normal to feel jealous at times in your relationship. It's how you handle the jealousy when it occurs that can be healthy or not. Here are some of the ways you can handle those jealous feelings.

  • Be supportive of those feelings if your partner is experiencing jealousy. Lashing out or immediately getting defensive if your partner is feeling insecure, try to understand and support those feelings as best as you can. When you've committed to a relationship, you give up some freedom, and so does your partner as well.
  • Lower your expectations if you think that your partner can never find someone else ever attractive ever again. Finding someone attractive and acting on those feelings are very different things. You're likely to get jealous more often if you have high expectations for your partner, so try to be more realistic to hopefully stay more grounded.
  • Reevaluate your own habits if you instantly jump to cheating allegations or wanting to break up. Figure out why you're going to the extremes without first talking to your partner, and try to calm yourself down before confronting them.

Jealousy isn't pretty, but it is a part of any relationship. Be honest with your feelings, and hopefully your partner will respond well to how you're feeling.

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