If you ever wonder about if what you and your partner do at home is normal, fear not because Bustle proclaims that all couples do some pretty odd things behind closed doors.

  • Groom each other such as cleaning food off of their faces is a natural instinct for some couples once they have gotten really close and comfortable with one another.
  • Hanging out naked but hopefully with the curtains drawn. Honestly, it is usually so much more comfortable to be naked than clothed, and surely it's not the first time your partner has seen you naked, so it's unsurprising that some couples just like to lounge around their house together naked!
  • Sharing a toothbrush is something that some couples do if they're really not too concerned about germs. You two kiss each other on the mouth anyway, right? My boyfriend and I don't do this, but I know a few couples who do.

Once you and your partner get comfortable enough in your relationship, anything can be fair game in terms of what you two like to do behind closed doors. Just make sure no one else is around!

(via Bustle)

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