While Valentine's Day is still a couple of weeks away, it is always good to know how your partner feels about the holiday. Bustle says that letting your partner know what your expectations are (if anything) for Valentine's Day is important in order to insure that you both enjoy the day together.

  • Talk about it in advance so your significant other can understand what you think Valentine's Day is all about, and if you think chocolates and flowers are mandatory then your partner should be informed of that before the day comes, and you're left upset!
  • Be understanding if you and your significant other do not see eye-to-eye on Valentine's Day. They may have been broken up with on that date years ago and now avoid it at all costs. Whatever the case may be, try to come to a compromise so that you both can enjoy yourselves that day.
  • Take the lead and try to make the day special for your partner. It does not always have to be about you and what you want, so taking the day to do things that your partner enjoys might say more to your partner than chocolates and flowers ever could for them.

Valentine's Day is often considered to be a day of looooove, but if you're single or you're just not into the holiday, that's okay! Enjoy it however you want to, even if you consider it to be just another Thursday.

(via Bustle)

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