A first date can bring with it a whole lot of jitters, but Bustle put together a list of some really great tips for having a successful date. You'll be able to feel more relaxed and confident in no time.

  • Psych yourself up before your date. Look in the mirror when you get out of the shower and tell yourself all the great reasons why your date agreed to go out with you that night.
  • Stay present in your date, and definitely don't look at your phone because that will make you look uninterested in the person that you're with. Focus on the date, use active listening skills and really pay attention to what they have to say.
  • Don't expect too much from the first date. You may not leave the night thinking that this person is "the one", but that's okay! You are getting to know each other. Enjoy the night for what it is, just a date.

Dating can be a tricky thing to navigate, but getting a first date with someone new is a great accomplishment in the dating world, and you should enjoy it!

(via Bustle)

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