Dogs are some of the most loving, cuddly and goofy animals, but to think that they have some incredibly complex thoughts and emotions is amazing! Bustle, and Kayla Fratt with Journey Dog Training, explains that there are some emotions that dogs can feel that we may not realize!

  • Frustration is not just an emotion for us humans, dogs can get frustrated as well. If your dog doesn't know how to be patient or how to "ask" for things nicely, they may display frustrated behaviors in order to get their way. Better communication with your dog can help to alleviate their frustrations.
  • Anticipation can be confused with excitement when you see a dog knowing that they're about to go on a walk, but there is a definite sense of impatience that tells you that they can definitely feel anticipation.
  • Jealousy is very prevalent in dogs as soon as their owner starts paying attention to a dog that is not them. I see this all the time with my dog Porter who hates it when we pet other dogs in public or have our friend's pets come over for a visit. He definitely prefers all of our attention to himself.

It's always good to be aware of how your dog is feeling because if they are displaying new behaviors they may be feeling new emotions as well, and you should try to figure out why that is.

(via Bustle)

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