Heartbreak is never easy, but the first time that it happens to you can arguably be the worst. Bustle has some tips for getting over your first heartbreak that we can all benefit from if you're hurting right now.

  • Get some space from your ex to start healing. If they claim (or you claim) that they/you need closure, try to go no-contact for a while because it is in your best interest to try to move on from them.
  • Sort through your emotions, and you can do that a number of different ways like through writing, painting, drawing, whatever creative outlet that speaks to you.
  • Focus on yourself and your own happiness. In order to move on and come out stronger after the break-up, you need to find happiness away from your ex and learn to be independent on your own.

Getting your heart broken for the first time can be devastating, but if you are able to come out of it stronger and having learned something from the heartbreak, you'll be better off in the long run. It'll get better soon enough.

(via Bustle)

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