Getting into a relationship can be a scary moment because you go into it knowing that you will either spend the rest of your life together with them or you will break up (and be heartbroken). Bustle says that there are ways to figure out if your relationship will last.

  • How you express jealousy because it is perfectly okay to feel jealous in your relationship as long as you handle it in a healthy way. Negative reactions and feelings can ultimately hurt a relationship, but navigating those feelings together can help you both feel better.
  • The way you talk to your partner is incredibly important because you two are equals in the partnership and should be spoken to and respected as such. If there is anything unequal in how your partner speaks to you, there could be an underlying issue that should be addressed.
  • Your sleeping patterns because you both share the same bad (hopefully), and it is the closest you two will be all day. If your patterns are wildly off then that could impact how intimate you feel with you partner.

There is no definite "sign" as to if you and your partner will last forever, but communication and a lot of working at it will certainly help.

(via Bustle)

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