When my husband and I first started down the path to engagement, he bought a ring online that he thought I would like. (I never saw it), but it arrived and he hated it. He agonized over this ring for days, and eventually returned it.

What I'm now realizing is a growing trend, we then had a conversation about the ring, and came to the conclusion that I had to go with him to a jewelry store and see what I actually like. I was going to be wearing this piece of jewelry for the rest of my life, so I should like it, right?

I think that it's extremely important for couples to discuss engagement, the ring and the proposal before any of that happens. It's good to be on the same page about those things. I would have driven myself crazy wondering how my partner felt about me if we didn't have these kinds of discussions!

So while I didn't know when my husband would propose, I was definitely in on the whole ordeal, and that felt good. Being caught completely off guard (while I still would have said yes!) would have been more nerve wracking and stressful to me. I'm sure others can relate to that as well.

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