No matter how much you may love your partner, sometimes even despite our best efforts we find ourselves a little bit bored. Bustle has a few great ways to boost the fun in your relationship!

  • Surprise each other whether that be with a spontaneous date night or flowers delivered to your partner's place of work. Surprises are a great way to get playful and fun with your significant other.
  • Try a new activity such as rock climbing or sushi making! You can bond over how bad you both are at the activity, or support each other if you find something new that you actually like and enjoy!
  • Come up with a Bucket List and then complete it together. That could be over a weekend or over the next year. Whatever the list has on it, you both can accomplish it together, and hopefully add a lot of laughter into your relationship as you do it.

It's completely natural for relationships to have high periods of excitement as well as lulls in the fun factor, but try some of these activities to get that fun back into your relationship!

(via Bustle)

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