More than once in the year that I've been engaged, I have considered giving up planning a big wedding and just eloping with my fiancé. Bustle, and wedding planner Brett Galley, explain just how you can get married in Las Vegas like Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas did.

  • Decide how involved you want to be as some places in Sin City will handle all of the little details if you don't want to stress about the clothes, flowers, music, etc. Other places can get you involved in choosing all the details, so find a place that works best for you!
  • Think about the date and remember that holidays like Valentine's Day will likely have higher rates and a much bigger demand. Consider your anniversary or another important date to you two as a couple instead of a holiday that everyone else will want to use for their wedding date.
  • Plan for your guests' experience if you are inviting family and friends to Las Vegas to see you get married. When getting married in Las Vegas, you are likely expecting to stay there for a few days or more, so enjoy what the city has to offer and plan to do some fun things (other than getting married) while you're there.

Getting hitched in Las Vegas can be an experience all its' own, so if you are your partner are no longer enjoying the wedding planning process, maybe Sin City is perfect for you guys!

(via Bustle)

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