Dating long distance can be hard on some couples, especially when special days like Valentine's Day come around and you can't be with your significant other. Here are some ways that you and your long distance partner can still spend the day together.

  • Have a Skype dinner date by ordering from the same restaurant, and eating together over video chat! It may not be the same as being in the same place together, but this is a good way to spend quality time together even if you are hundreds of miles apart.
  • Send a care package with a Valentine's Day theme to your special someone to let them know how much you care. No one should have to miss out on the heart shaped box of chocolate or a cute, little teddy bear!
  • Plan an experience for the next time you can visit so that you and your partner will have something to look forward to when you see each other next. Anticipating the next time you and your significant other will be together is almost as exciting as actually getting to see each other!

Valentine's Day can still be a lot of fun even if your significant other is far away. It takes a little bit more planning, but you can still have a wonderful, loving day on Friday.

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