I am getting married this weekend! I have been engaged since May of last year, and I will say that we probably got engaged very "untraditionally" in the sense that I helped pick out my engagement ring. It turns out that we, like other millennials, are very much changing the wedding proposal, but I think that's a good thing!

People who are choosing to get married now are making their marriage proposals much more personal and more involved than any other generation. 26 percent of couples had friends and family there when they got proposed in 2018 (versus only 14 percent choosing to do this in 2007).

Did you know that people are hiring proposal planners? Not just wedding planners, but someone to help plan and coordinate their proposal before the wedding! While we definitely did not do this (there isn't a single of the proposal) there is certainly a more theatrical view of proposals now than ever before.

No matter how you go about getting engaged, just make sure you and your partner are on the same page. You might want an elaborate proposal with fireworks, a photographer and every one of your friends there, but if you're dating someone shy or easily embarrassed, communicate with them to see what they are more comfortable with. Remember, it's who is proposing, not how you get proposed to.

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