OK Boomer. I just heard this expression for the first time a few months ago and it wasn’t directed at me. The second time it was. I realize that I grew up in a world that was totally insensitive to many of today’s issues. Maybe because there are so many things that weren’t issues back in the day.

Tell a dirty joke at work? That’s grounds for sexual harassment. Back in the day, work was where I got to hear all the best dirty jokes. Pat someone on the back at the office? You can do it figuratively, but you better not touch that person. You might be taking a trip to HR. And speaking of HR, that was something that didn’t even exist. It certainly wasn’t perfect and it may have been a bit insensitive, but in my humble opinion, it was better than walking on eggshells at work. Don’t get me wrong, nobody deserves to be uncomfortable at work, but back then comfort levels were different. We drew the line, but we drew it in a different place.

Let’s move on to the very touchy subject of sexuality. You’re a man, a woman, something in between or nothing at all, I’m just fine with that. Be who you are. But please don’t get angry at those of us who say “she” or “he” instead of “they” when referring to that person. It doesn’t make sense to us grammatically. It’s using a plural in a non-plural situation. Give us a chance to get used to this. Please. 

Boomers played outside all day without checking in with their parents, we walked to see our friends who lived miles away, we rode bikes without helmets and brought peanut butter sandwiches to school every day.

It was a different world. Was it a better world? No, probably not. But it was our world. So the next time you’re tempted to say, “OK, Boomer,” remember where we came from. And give us a break, we’re trying.

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