As a Millennial, being known for ruining almost everything was beginning to get tiresome, so when I found out that we are finally getting praised for doing something better than our parents generation, I was proud! Bustle, along with many other news outlets, have reported that divorce rates are dropping... thanks to Millennials.

There has been an 18 percent drop in divorce between 2008 and 2016, which is a huge change in such a short amount of time. Our parents generation divorced much more frequently than their parents before them, but now we're not following in those footsteps, too.

Something is changing, but what is it?

It's likely because Millennials are getting married much later in life than our parents did. My parents got married right out of college at 21, while I'm engaged now at 28 and will get married when I'm 29.

Another likely reason is that some Millennials are just not getting married at all, and instead living together and having children without the fanfare of a wedding. It's looking like perhaps marriage is becoming somewhat unattainable because of the rising costs of having a wedding. (It's not cheap!)

We can celebrate the lower rate of divorce, but maybe we should be looking at the how many couples are actually taking the plunge to get married in the first place.

(via Bustle)

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