For our generation, about half of us grew up with divorced parents. What's great is that it hasn't stopped that half from looking for and finding love. Bustle has done the research and seen that our generation definitely approaches love and relationships very different from the generations before us.

  • We talk about everything with our friends and have to get their opinions about our dates or partners. Seeking the approval from friends is very important to us.
  • We understand the appeal of non-monogamy as well as knowing that it is okay to break other more traditional dating and marriage rules (as long as it's a mutual understanding).
  • Our phones help (and hurt) our relationships which is certainly a problem that other generations never had to worry about. While it helps us stay more connected, it also can isolate us from our partner if we can never put our cell phones down when we're in the same room as them.

There is no one way that relationships should work. Every generation knew and knows a lot about dating, and maybe there is some advice that we should take from our grandparents and parents about relationships.

(via Bustle)

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