Whether you are the one doing the proposing or the one being proposed to, it seems like everyone has an opinion on whether or not the proposal itself should be a surprise. Brit.Co has weighed the pros and cons of this debate.

Of those surveyed, 89 percent of those being proposed to said that they would want to have the question to be a total surprise to them, but not necessarily the whole process before their partner gets down on one knee. More and more people do want to have a say in choosing the ring before the proposal itself happens.

Those who thought that a proposal should no longer be a big surprise justify that as saying that the conversation of engagement and marriage should be happening long before they ask for their partner's hand in marriage. If a proposal comes as a complete surprise, then maybe the two of you aren't on the same page yet.

Whether you are going the traditional route and picking out a ring by yourself and surprising them when they least expect it, or opting to be more modern and going through all the steps together with your partner, I hope that you two are both on the same page, and here's to a happy and healthy marriage!

(via Brit.Co)

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