Do you think that you are happier now than you were last year? What about more confident? More creative? Bustle has done some research and knows what year people tend to be the happiest, most confident and the year you are most creative. Want to guess what they are?

At 23 years old and again at 69 years of age, you will probably be your happiest. Your high expectations for life will start to see progress at 23, I imagine because it's after college with enough time to find a decent job. By 69, you have had plenty of great milestones to reflect upon while also being retired to relax and enjoy the sweeter things in life.

At 25 is when is it believed that you are most creative. Studies have shown that in your mid-twenties, you are still trying to find yourself while feeling the pressures of career and age. Your creativity tends to decline sharply around 60.

Unfortunately though, you will not be your most confident until after 65 years of age. While you make think you look the best you'll ever look now, body confidence soared for those polled once they reached 65.

No matter what your age though, it is never too late to pursue a dream or feel better about yourself.

(via Bustle)

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