I love going to bed early and waking up early, but my fiancé can stay up until the sun comes up if he had his way. Brit.Co explains that your sleeping habits can affect your relationship.

Him and I make a point to always kiss each other before I hit the hay at 9pm, and when he comes in a few hours later, he makes sure he is quiet and doesn't wake me. While we've talked about this so that neither of us resent the other one for going to bed early, or for going to bed late, but a study done by TheSleepJudge concluded that the sleep habits of their partners played into their happiness with the relationship. (It also mentioned that men complained that their partners went to bed too early, and women complained that their partners went to bed too late!)

The study also mentions that of those couples who do manage to fall asleep together only 50 percent of them cuddled before falling asleep. So if they're sleeping in the same bed and not cuddling... what are they doing?

(via Brit.Co)

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