All successful relationships require some sort of compromise, but do you think you're putting more of yourself into the relationship than your partner? Bustle, and Kara Laricks who is a dating expert, says that there are ways to tell if you're working harder and compromising more than your partner is to make the relationship work.

  • You like everything that your partner likes instead of having music or movies that you prefer or hobbies that you do without your partner. You instead give in to your partner and always see the movie that they want to see or listen to the radio station that they want to listen to.
  • You're feeling resentful because of what you're giving the relationship, and you have expectations of reciprocation that are not being met by your significant other. Communicating to your partner what you expect from the relationship with them is so, so important. They can't read your mind!
  • Your partner's needs come first so if they need you, you drop what you're doing, cancel plans with other people, and go to be by their side. Sometimes that's okay, but consistently doing this can start to hurt your friendships and other relationships that you want to nurture as well.

Over-giving in a relationship can become problematic if you are starting to feel emotionally exhausted. You and your partner really need to sit down and talk about your expectations to insure a successful relationship for both of you.

(via Bustle)

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