I don't think that you can really choose who you fall in love with (just look at my exes). However, you can very much be in love with the wrong person for you, and there are some signs that you should look for if you suspect that you've fallen in love with the wrong person.

  • You communicate your concerns, but nothing ever changes which is a problem because couples should change and grow together. If your partner is very much stuck in their ways (and those habits are unhealthy for the relationship) then you are likely not with the right person for you. A partner should be willing and wanting to help build the relationship, not work for their best individual interests.
  • You spend more money in the relationship than your partner and that can be concerning because if your partner makes less than you, than having date nights in should be planned just as often as date nights out. If your partner pressures you into spending money on them, a conversation definitely needs to be had.
  • They like having things go their way and the word compromise really isn't in their vocabulary. This can be a big problem because your partner is showing selfish behavior and anything that you might want that differs from their wants will go unfulfilled. Successful relationships need compromise and give-and-take.

The wrong person for you may disguise their bad behaviors by doting on you, complimenting you, or buying you presents in order to keep you happy. Be aware of these red flags though, and know that you deserve better than that.

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