Today is election day, and everyone's vote counts. Get out there and let your voice be heard! Now it's great to have political opinions even if not everyone agrees with you and how you feel about certain issues or candidates. But what do you do when your partner or spouse doesn't vote the same way that you do?

For one thing, you and your partner should discuss why you feel differently about certain topics or candidates. It can be very eye-opening for you, and it can help you to understand your partner a little bit better. Being open-minded is so important when going into this kind of conversation, and you may need to remind yourself that you love your partner no matter what.

Now if there are things that you discover about your partner that you don't like when you realize their political views, that might be a mountain instead of a molehill in your relationship, and it should be something you address with them.

If a "no politics at home" rule has to be made, so be it, but hopefully you two can both learn from each other and understand where they are coming from. Happy voting!

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