Sometimes you may be in a relationship and ignore all of the signs that could be telling you that you're with the wrong person. Bustle spoke with some people, who saw those signs and left their relationships with the wrong partner, and learned how they knew it wasn't right for them.

  • Honesty about their past which is something no one wants to have to be afraid of being honest about. If someone can't accept who you were (and who you are now) then maybe they are the right person for you.
  • Jealousy toward other couples because those couples were visibly in love and they were not in love with their partner. If you have any doubts about your feelings for your partner, maybe that's a sign that you're not with "the one".
  • They could not be understood by their partner, and that could be a big red flag. If you're partner just doesn't "get" you, maybe you need to find someone who does.

Whether the warning signs are big or small, it is always good to be with someone who you feel comfortable around, and who you can be yourself around all of the time.

(via Bustle)

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