If you ever get a weird feeling about something that you don't think you can fully explain, it might just be your body trying to tell you something. Bustle, and Dr. Ming Wang, MD, PhD, say that there are some weird things that your body is able to predict.

  • The weather specifically the rain can be felt by those with joint injuries. The barometric pressure changes that happen before it starts to rain or snow can be felt within the joints as the pressure in the joints is different from the rest of the body, and when the changes start to occur outside, the joints change with it.
  • Spring can definitely be felt by those with seasonal allergies before anyone else. Mild winters can cause an early release of pollen into the air, so those with allergies can tell you if Spring is on its' way before anyone else.
  • Whether someone is "the one" ...or not can sometimes be determined just by kissing them! Your body can help figure out your compatibility with someone else through smell and taste, so what's a better way to get close enough to a person to determine those things? By kissing them.

Our bodies can perform some pretty incredible feats. So while we can't predict the future, we can definitely predict some other fun things.

(via Bustle)

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