Allergic To Dogs? Here’s Some Good News
You've been told since you were young that you are allergic to dogs and sneezing when in contact with some has proven that to be true, but might not have to avoid all of them. Even the ones that aren't hypoallergenic.
Things Your Body Can Predict
If you ever get a weird feeling about something that you don't think you can fully explain, it might just be your body trying to tell you something.
Are You Mature Enough For A Pet?
I wanted a dog when I was younger. I begged and pleaded until my parents let me have a dog. Honestly? They shouldn't have. I was not mature enough to have a pet at ten years old.
Do You Sleep With A Fan On?
We're into August now, and it's hot! If you don't have central air conditioning in your home, you probably sleep with a fan blowing on you to stop you from sweating through your sheets.

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