You may notice after a night of drinking that some alcohols hit you differently the next day than others do. Bustle and Dr. Nancy Simpkins explains that there are ways to tell if you have a sensitivity to red wine if that is your drink of choice.

  • Headaches are very common if you have an allergy or sensitivity to red wine because of the histamines in the wine. Nasal congestion and hives could also occur along with your headaches if you drink red wine when you shouldn't.
  • Sneezing can happen if you are sensitive to the sulfites in the red wine. Symptoms similar to asthma will likely display themselves if it is the sulfites in the wine, but thankfully sulfite-free wine does exist, so you don't have to suddenly take a liking to whiskey or vodka in order to go out and drink with your friends.
  • Cramping is another sign that you have an allergy to something in your red wine. Believe it or not egg whites, casein and even gluten can be found in red wines, so if you have a sensitivity to any of those food products, that could be why you're experiencing any discomfort.

Red wine does have a lot of great health benefits, but if you are sensitive or allergic to something in red wine, you should consider finding a new drink or a red wine without those hidden ingredients in them.

(via Bustle)

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