Ask anyone, I love myself a fruity seltzer drink most days out of the week. They're refreshing, delicious, and most importantly, they are zero calories! Delish has made a list of things to know about seltzer if you are also a fan of the drinks like myself.

  • Seltzer is not club soda, which is not tonic water either. Club soda is often used in cocktails and that has a mineral-like taste to it, and tonic water is in a different category of drink all together.
  • It is as hydrating as water! Which is amazing news! Drinking the carbonated drink is (as far as we've been able to determine) just as hydrating as drinking regular water.
  • Spiked seltzer is the new trend which is both fantastic and a something to be careful about. The alcoholic version has about 100 calories per can which isn't terrible, but honestly, you cannot taste the alcohol (or at least I can't) so that can escalate quickly if you're not watchful.

Seltzer is the best thing to happen to a diet if you ask me. It's soda or fruit juice without the calories or sugar. How can you lose?!

(via Delish)

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