Do you find yourself cold all the time? I don't just mean because it's winter and the weather outside is a little frightful. Bustle says that there could be a medical reason why you are always wearing layers and slippers and socks.

  • Your thyroid is acting up and not producing enough of the hormones that it needs to. It can also slow down your metabolism and cause hair loss, too.
  • You need more fat in your diet because fatty foods (think avocado, nuts, and seeds) help your body maintain its' core temperature. You might be cold because you're trying to avoid fatty foods after the New Year. Incorporate good fats back into your diet, and it might warm you right back up!
  • You're dehydrated which can make you cold because the water in your body traps heat and releases it over time when your body needs it to stay warm. Hydration is always so, so important.

If you're noticing a drastic change in how warm or cold you are, always contact your doctor first. It could be an easy fix, like more fats or more water, but it could mean something more. Don't be afraid to ask, they're there to help you!

(via Bustle)

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