Are you a huge sports fan who would go to the ends of the Earth to see your favorite team play? By that, I mean how much would you endure to watch your favorite team in action in person? Maybe there's a limit to how much money you would pay for a ticket, or there's a limit on how far you would travel to root on your team?

I'm more of a casual sports fan, so if the ticket price is too steep for what I think is worth watching a game in person, I'll pass. Travel depends on a few situations. Maybe I was planning on visiting that city where the game is to be played, or it's a fun day trip like to Buffalo, New Jersey, or maybe Philadephia.

Now, the weather would also play into my decision. Although I remember one December when I was at Orchard Park watching the Buffalo Bills play. That was a cold day. I was wearing Carharts and drank about half a dozen hot chocolates to try and keep warm.

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And since we're on the subject of Highmark Stadium, according to a January 14th article in the WIVB 4 Buffalo website, temperatures will be in the single digits on game day Saturday, January 15th as the Bills host the New England Patriots. Maybe even sub-zero by the end of the game?

The article mentions how some ticket prices have dropped for the game. Is it weather-related? Possibly so, along with vaccine restrictions and other factors. Personally, I'm getting too old to enjoy watching a game in single-digit weather conditions.

But there are many more brave souls than me, and the WIVB article mentions that the game will most likely be attended by a sell-out crowd. Stay warm fans, and Go Bills!

via WIVB-TV 4

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