2nd Statue Of Liberty Is Coming To U.S. From France
Living in the SAME STATE as the Statue of Liberty, have you ever been to see her? Soon, there will be a SECOND statue coming!
A second Statue Of Liberty was been built in 2011 and has been in France ever since and now, they are ready to ship "little sister", as the statue has been d…
If You Didn’t Get Your Tax Refund Yet Here Is Why
There are two types of people in the world.
Ones that scramble to get their tax documents and find someone to help them do theme days before they are due.
And then there are the people that want their money FIRST. Right out of the gate, they meet with their accountant on day #1 and hope that in no tim…
3 Facts About St. Patrick That Have Me Absolutely Mind Blown
"Ya think you know a guy"
As Timone from the Lion King says when talking about Simba, some people just throw you a curve ball.
St. Patrick. The man, the myth, the legend that we celebrate for an entire day here in America, has a few things about him that will really just blow your mi…

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