I drink tea at least three times a day. It might have less caffeine than coffee, but there is definitely other benefits to tea that coffee doesn't have. Here are some of the benefits to green tea if you make the swap from coffee.

  • It might help with sleep issues and anxiety because cutting back on caffeine can do a lot of good for you including helping you sleep and easing your anxiety due to over-stimulation.
  • You'll ingest more anti-oxidants with green tea which can help your immune system, fight off infections and even lower your risk for disease. I think that's a fair trade-off if you ask me!
  • It can help reduce inflammation which is your body's reaction to stress. Consistent inflammation in your body can lead to a variety of other issues for you, so combating that with the anti-inflammatory properties in green tea can help you significantly in the long run.

The taste of green tea may be hard to get used to if you make the switch from coffee, but it can offer so many other benefits that can help you stay healthy.

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