We are entering into the flu season now with the temperatures getting down around freezing. Your immune system is certainly important during all times of the year, but it's especially important now to pay attention to and try to keep it strong.

If you're exposed to the flu virus, other factors will also determine if you'll get the flu or not, or how severely it will affect you.

Age is a factor. The young and the old are more susceptible to getting the flu and to get it worse than others.

What you eat matters. Vitamins A, C and E are important nutrients to help strengthen your immune system. So eating your vegetables are very pertinent this time of year. If you can't access or afford the proper foods, consider a food supplement.

Sleep! Believe it or not, sleep is a major player in your health and in your immune system's health. Aim for that eight hours of sleep every night.

Try to do everything that you can to insure the health of your immune system to avoid contracting the flu.

(via NPR)

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