The immune system is fascinating! Bustle, and Kiran Krishnan who is a research microbiologist, say that there are some interesting facts about your immune system that you may not have known!

  • Your childhood diet affects it and the food allergies that you might develop later in life. So if you were not introduced to peanuts as a young child, that could be why you now have an allergy to them.
  • It changes as you get older so while you might have had allergic reactions to something as a child, you may no longer react that way any longer. Also, certain glands like the thymus gland play a big part in your development during puberty but then become almost non-functioning once you're an adult.
  • Your attitude can affect it as stress can weaken your immune system and your ability to fight off infections. Studies are showing that happier people are less likely to become sick at all because their immune systems can fight off a cold or the flu before they even show symptoms of being ill.

There are ways to boost your immune system if you feel like you're about to get sick, but working on the overall strength of your immune system can help you from contracting a cold or the flu before any symptoms of being sick occur for you.

(via Bustle)

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